Jacklistens – Get Free Tacos – Jack in the Box Survey

Jacklistens – The company is called Jack in the Box. On the JackListens Survey website, users may express their ideas. Long-term relationships are what matter most to Jack in the Box when it comes to customer service.

Jacklistens – Get Free Tacos – Jack in the Box Survey

They created a JackListens poll to gauge public opinion on the adventure up to that point. You can earn a voucher for two free tacos if you fill out Jack in the Box’s survey.

Customers may express their opinions openly and without fear of punishment, both favorably and negatively.

Customers don’t have to worry about being inconvenienced in any way by responding honestly to the survey since it is conducted online at www.JackListens.com. By following these simple instructions, you may take part in the Jack in the Box receipt survey.

Nothing offered by the rivals even comes close to approaching Jack in the Box’s level of quality. Their menu seems to be growing and becoming better all the time.

Your relatives will have more of a reason to visit you now that you are a mother. Customers have a lot of options to choose from. Everything from chicken tenders to French fries may be ordered for delivery.

If you want a delectable sandwich, side, or dessert, go over to Jack’s. Jack in the Box has started the Jacklistens survey in order to better serve its consumers.

Where can I find the directions for the Jack in the Box survey?

To begin, go to www.jacklistens.com and click the supplied link. To start the survey in either English or Spanish, choose those languages from the language drop-down menu. Hit “Submit” after entering the 14-digit number that may be located at the bottom of your receipt.

When you’ve input the right code, click “Next” to continue. Please spend some time completing the survey and provide your honest opinions.

The screen will show an Atlast discount code. If you note it down on your receipt and bring it back the next time you purchase, you’ll get two complimentary tacos.

Rewards Obtained By Participating In Jack in the Box Survey

Distribution of promotional coupons and gift items, such as complimentary tacos or a discount on future purchases, are ways to show customers how much they are appreciated.

Only those who take the time to complete an online survey are eligible for these exclusive benefits.

Rules And Regulations Of Jack in the Box Survey

  • You must be at least 18 years old and a valid US resident in order to participate in this poll.
  • The equivalent of one meal receipt is also assigned to each entry in the survey.
  • No employees are allowed to vote in the survey.
  • Bring your smartphone and the restaurant receipt from your most recent visit.
  • Additionally, you must ensure that your device has internet connectivity.
  • It is also crucial to be able to converse in either Spanish or English.

Requirements Of Jack in the Box Survey

2,250 or more Jack in the Box The biggest burger chain in the country is Quick Serve, which has locations in 21 different states.

The Jumbo Jack®, the Ultimate Cheeseburger, and the 100% Sirloin Burger are a few of the customer favorites on Jack in the Box’s menu, which is noted for its quick service and reasonable prices. Customers may complete a survey at www.jacklistens.com to provide feedback to Jack in the Box.

Customer input is crucial since many people and businesses have invested in these franchises. The 100 Percent Sirloin Burger, the Ultimate Cheeseburger, and the Big Jack are just a few of the delicious burgers available at Jack in the Box.

The menu is completed with tacos, taco salads, mixed greens platters, chicken tenders, breakfast buns, and sandwiches.


You may find a comprehensive guide for completing the JackListens Survey at www.JackListens.com. You should run a poll like this one if you want open feedback from people who are really contemplating buying your goods.

Please let us know below if you have any more questions regarding the Jack in the Box Customer Satisfaction Survey. We’ll get back to you with answers to your inquiries as soon as we can.

Jacklistens FAQs

  • What age must you be to participate in this survey?

Answer – In order to participate in this survey, you must be at least 18 years old.

Jack in the Box Contact Details

In case you are willing to study more about the company, you can simply connect via mail address at –

Jack In The Box Inc.
9330 Balboa Avenue, San Diego, California
United States 92123 1516

Phone Number – +1-858-522-4716
+ 1-858-571-2121
+ 1-858-571-2121
+ 1-858-627-2276
+ 1-858-722-5695

Jack in the Box Fax – + 1-858-571-2225

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